3 Ways to Bring A Little Costa Rica Into Your Daily Life

August 15, 2017

Have you ever taken a trip that changed you?

My solo trip to Costa Rica taught me more about about myself and what I want from life than any other—and that’s saying a lot, since I’ve been to 30 countries. Since travel has become my happy place, I’m planning another trip to Costa Rica. But this time, I’m stepping it up with Costa Rica beach rentals and their dozens of posh pads. (More on that in a sec.)

Travel cracks open that adventurous need in all of us. We get to scrap work, chuck daily responsibilities, and become observers in a new land. We’re curious. We’re vulnerable. We’re open. We’re free.

But, back in civilian, quotidian life, it ain’t always easy to channel that Vacation You. If you checked out my recent podcast interview on She Did It Her Way, you heard me confess how, since returning from my solo trip, I’ve been living with an internal struggle.

While I am building this busy, abundant, overly-scheduled, hustle-filled life as an entrepreneur in Chicago, I am constantly craving a deeper sense of inner peace, vastness, and space in a very big (and sometimes painful) way.

How do I bridge the gap between who I am when I travel and who I am when I work? How do I channel that free, relaxed version of myself when I have deadlines, obligations, and feel the weight of time constraints pressing in on all sides?

The first step is to figure out what it is about travel that makes you (and me) happy. Is it trying a new adventure or lounging around with a drink and a book? Hopping from city to city without a care in the world?

Identify the feelings associated with travel you want to have first, so you know how to channel it back in the “real” world. For me, planning trips as a daily activity provides me more joy and inner calm than any meditation can.

As I happily researched my next adventure, I narrowed it down to three decadent villas. Take a peek at my top choices. Where would you stay?

Casa Ramon

With six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, this haven has it all. Located close to Playa Hermosa, it gives you morning views of the jungle and the ocean. Waking up to native monkeys, toucans, and breathtaking views? #hellyes

Villa Floramar

Sometimes, a girl just wants to surf. And step off a patio straight into an infinity pool to drink in the ocean views. This beachfront villa’s amenities (hello, alfresco shower and gym) can’t be beat for a luxurious, relaxing vacay.

Casa Del Mar

Delicious sunbathing, a covered rooftop deck, and outdoor shower round out this beach bum’s dream. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows, an iPod dock and WiFi station and enough room for all my friends? Did I mention the home movie theater, pool, and ping-pong tables?

Having to decide where I’ll land fills me with excitement and allows me to channel the relaxation and soul-searching to come.

But because I can’t travel 100 percent of the time, I’m finding practical ways to bring those Pura Vida vibes into my day-to-day existence:


This has become my thing. In Costa Rica, two hour yoga classes, extended meditations, and the simple art of doing nothing filled my daily itinerary. Now, I have started reserving my Sundays for this same plan-of-vibration. Whether it’s working out, picking fresh produce, taking a walk in the park, or reading my new favorite book (more on that in a minute), Sundays are for ME. Since I have started to incorporate these days of total solitude, silence, and nourishment, this has made all the difference in the world to how I start my week.

Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous

This book has become my boo. On one hand, I can’t put it down. On the other, I am savoring it slowly, like a fine wine, never wanting it to end. For all those spiritual seeker babes out there—this book is for you. Ruby talks about everything from self-love to self-care to soulmates to syncing up our closets with our inner goddesses and our periods with the Lunar Cycle. I MEAN. I am literally obsessed. It’s inspiring, enlightening, refreshing, laugh-out-loud-funny, and makes me feel a whole lot more connected to my own spiritual path.

Time with Those I Love

I can’t tell you how many parties, concerts, after-parties, private events, and colleague dinners I have turned down this summer. And guess what? I am feeling ZERO FOMO. When you feel so full and nourished from what truly matters in your life, the rest of the noise becomes just that: noise. And I’ve got a pair of headphones called my immediate family, my husband, my tribe, and my two puppies to drown out the noise. And that’s really all I need. What’s in your headphones?

Listen, we’re all busy. All the time. But life wasn’t intended to be all work and no play. Or all play and no work. Or all stimulation and no space to just…be. Building in time that feels relaxing—whatever that means to you—is the first step to living a more present, intentional life while bringing a little bit of that “vacation mentality” to work, at home, and everywhere in between.

Relaxation shouldn’t be designated for vacation. It’s simply a way of being. And doing. And living.

Every single day.

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