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46 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Rut

April 15, 2015

As a Babe, your businesses, your brand and your career path are probably the most important, (if not THE most important), aspects of your life. As Entrepreneurial Babes, it’s our nature to create. Those creations are born from our fierce hearts, sparkling intellect and unstoppable passions.  Naturally, these creations can become all we see… This can be a beautiful thing.

It can also pose huge challenges.

Sometimes we get so close to our vision, our current model, our story, our timeline or our roadmap, that we lose a little clarity. Perhaps, our creations become a little too blurred, or on the flip side, too precious. We might get bored with ourselves and lose inspiration. Our business might take a hit, and our confidence might wane.

I have been there, done that, fallen flat, lost my mojo, got distracted, dropped a ball, became too obsessed, came up short, came up blank, and then some. Throughout my  journey as an Entrepreneurial Babe, I have discovered how important it is to unplug, try something new, act a fool, walk away from convention and fearlessly jump into the unknown.

And sometimes, all it takes is the most simplest act to come back to yourself. Like listening to a new song. Or taking coffee with a long lost friend. Or picking up an old journal. Here are 46 tips for you to shake off your creative stagnancy and find your mojo again.


1. Write a love letter. To your best friend. Your lover. Your mom. Express love in words using a pen and paper.

2. Take a long walk and listen to this song.

3. Unplug from social media for 24 hours. Stop counting your “likes” on Instagram. Log out of Facebook. Turn off your Twitter alerts. Put your phone down and make a commitment to stay within the present moment. Approach it like an experiment. When those 24 hours are over, journal about your experience.

4. Take a Himalyan sea salt bath, light a white candle and play this song. It’s magic, sister, I’m telling you.

5. Go for a long bike ride, feel the wind on your face, pop in your ear buds and listen to your favorite album. Don’t have a bike? Rent one. Find one that looks like this and smile at every biker you cross paths with.

6. Head to your local bead store and make a new piece of jewelry. Give it to a stranger.

7. Have a lengthy conversation with a five year old.

8. Harness your inner grade-school art student. Buy a bulletin board or a piece of poster board. Grab that stack of magazines in your bathroom, clip through it and create a vision board. Place it somewhere you look directly at every single day.


9. Head to your local flower store and arrange yourself a bouquet using flowers you’ve never purchased (or received) before. Put them on your desk.

10. Read James Altucher’s blog. Seriously, just go read it.

11. I know I talk about meditation like it’s going out of style, but it really does have the power to transform your life. Anyone has the ability to sit still for just a few minutes. And, the best part about it, it gets easier and more natural and more powerful the more you do it. Don’t know where to start? I am really impressed with Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s free mediation series. They have created an incredible inventory of guided meditations great for the newbie and the pro.

12. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart and spend time with people, animals, communities who need you.

13. Get your Feng Shui on, girl. Clean out the clutter in your drawers, your bathroom and your closets. Create fresh energy in your home and get that chi flowing.





14. Time travel by picking up an old journal, preferably from when you were in high school or college, and read it front to back.

15. Get lost in an article in Conde Naste’s Traveler magazine on a foreign place you know nothing about.

16. If you can afford to, get actually lost in a foreign place.

17. If  you dare, go by yourself.

18. Try a new workout. If you’re a yogi, try a boxing class. If you’re a Crossfitter, take a Zumba class. Challenge your mind to move your body in a way it normally doesn’t.



19. Meet up for a coffee with a new friend or colleague in an entirely different line of work than you, or from an entirely different world than you. Ask questions. Listen more than talk.

20. Read the book, “The Love Dictionary.”

21. Subscribe to The Daily Love.

22. Watch Derek Halpern’s YouTube videos.

23. Try out a new recipe. One that you think you could never conquer on your own. (You will.) Don’t post it on Instagram. Just eat it, enjoy it and commend yourself for your bravery.

24. Grab a bottle of wine, your best friend and head to a place like Bottle & Bottega.

25. Take a road trip.

26. If you’re so blessed to have a grandparent in your life, spend an afternoon with them and ask them to tell you stories of their life in their 20s and 30s. If you can, spend many.

27. Find a website of a brand you admire and identify ten things about it you’ve never noticed before: their fonts, color palette, footers, photography, layout, etc. When you’re done, find the contact behind the website, write them an email and tell them how much you appreciate their attention to detail.

28. Compliment people more in general.

29. Go to the theatre and see a live play.

30. Get lost in the archives on

31. Pull a Doreen Virtue angel card.

32. Forgive someone who’s hurt you.

33. Say you’re sorry to someone you’ve hurt.

34. Align your chakras.

35. Quit something that no longer feels authentic to you to open space for something that does.

36. Or, on the contrary, quit something to that no longer feels authentic to you to open space for absolutely nothing else. Just more space.

37. Take the Enneagram test.

38. Read my SimplyBe Manifesto and put one of your favorite tips one into practice. If you dig it, tweet at me and let me know how it goes.

39. Turn off the TV and go to bed an hour earlier. Get up an hour earlier and don’t immediately check your phone.


40. Move cities. Permanently, or temporarily.

41. Commit to attending to at least one workshop, panel or lecture a month. Immerse yourself for a few hours with purpose-driven people engaging in stimulating, meaningful dialogues. Bring a pen and paper and take notes.

42. Host your own workshop. Share your gifts with the world. And yes, the “world” could simply equal an intimate group of people who deeply care about what you have to teach.

43. Go through your bookshelf and pick out three books you’ve yet to read. Leave them on your bedside table and take time each night to dabble within them. Give them a straight read, explore chapters that intrigue you or skip to the very end and read the final few paragraphs. Break the rules.

44. Don’t have time to read a zillion books to get your brain stimulated? Take a cue from my girl Heather Yurko, and download Audible. Watch her video and learn how listening to books could change your life.

45. Try a Kundalini yoga class.

46. Do something that scares the eff out of you. No, I’m not suggesting you go sky dive or swim with sharks. Sometimes the scariest thing in the world can be telling someone how you really feel, expressing your truth or simply changing your mind about something and switching directions. Get out of your comfort zone.  Release those blocks. Let new energy flow and that stagnant sh*t go.

Bring joy, play and inspiration into the evolution of your most creative self. Only then and there you can evolve into your most creative self.















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  • Blanca Estela Lopez

    I love each and everyone of these tips Jessica! I’m already applying a couple of them and I will apply as many more as I can (I wish I could apply them all). This is so helpful in my life right now. Thank you always for sharing your wisdom and love with us.

  • Hadley Gustin

    Excellent post, Jessica! There are many things on this list I already do or have tried in some way, shape or form, and I love all the synchronicities there. This was a fun and inspirational post to read. Thank you for making this epic Wednesday even more exciting. 😉