Time to Quit Your Day Job?

March 18, 2015

I’ve been working tirelessly on dozens of episodes of SimplyBe TV. (There are so many more in the queue, I get excited just thinking about it.) On the docket, we’ve got Entrepreneurial Babes talking about how to manage a 20-person staff, how to scale a business nationally, how to find the right mentors, how to launch a podcast, how to use SEO for newbies, how to leverage Facebook to grow your business and so much more.

But I, like many people, am fascinated by stories.

Stories that shed light on pivotal moments, emotional breakthroughs and “aha” moments that change the course of not just our businesses, but our lives.

Bela Gandhi has one of those stories. When I sat down with her for this interview,  we chatted about the ins and outs of running one of the most successful matchmaking companies in the country, what it takes to become a nationally recognized expert and how to develop a polished online presence.

But first, I wanted to know how Bela went from conquering Corporate America on a global scale to jumping into the dating industry with absolutely no experience or background, only instinct and intuition, only to rise to the top, kill it and become one of the dating industry’s most publicly recognized leaders…in less than five years time.

Her story about launching The Smart Dating Academy sets the example of  what courage, bravery and an unshakeable faith in oneself looks like. Her story reminded me of the final “W” in my W-3 Formula Worksheet (which I highly recommend downloading when you subscribe to my newsletter.)

“#3) Why?

Let’s walk to the very end of your life. Not in a morbid way but rather a celebratory one. When you look back upon your life, why were you here? What mark are you here to leave? Whose lives are you here to touch and why? Who, what, where became better because you graced it? The point here is not to idealize, but to practically look at the bigger picture of your day-to-day life, what you’re doing with it and why. There’s a difference between your life’s work and your life’s purpose. Think big.”

Bela answers this question with so much grace and so much truth, it made me proud to call her a colleague, a friend and a fellow Entrepreneurial Babe.

It inspired me beyond belief, too. Hopefully it will inspire you. Maybe it will inspire you enough for you to quit your day job as well…

Cheers to unshakeable faith and no regrets,


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