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Why I Believe Hillary Clinton Lost.

November 13, 2016

**Or at least…why I believe what I am about to share is a part of it.**

I usually don’t post blogs on Sundays. In fact, I don’t think I ever have. I respect your weekends as much as I value my own. And so if you’re catching this blog, I humbly thank you for reading it…which I sincerely hope you do.

As I sit here in my home office reflecting on this past week while I prepare for the one ahead, I felt compelled to address these feelings that won’t seem to stop bubbling over me and through me. I still have no idea where to put them and how to process them.

Feelings of rage.
Feelings of heartbreak.
Feelings of fear.
Feelings of injustice.
Feelings of compassion for people who have a lot more reason to feel rage, heartbreak, fear and injustice than I, a privileged white woman, does.

Look, my personal platform is not a political one. It’s here that I like to talk about fun and inspiring things, like travel and adventure, Snapchat and podcasting, and being an “entrepreneurial babe.” And so if you happen to disagree with my political views, I certainly don’t mean to offend you and I absolutely respect your own views. I have no choice.

But as I witnessed the consummate and ultimate Entrepreneurial Babe lose the most important presidential election of my lifetime five days ago, I can’t but help think about what else I could have done. Could I have become more involved? Was I too passive? Was I too smug? How could I have missed the probability of this when I didn’t think it was even a possibility?

Like I said, I am sitting here reflecting in my office on this beautiful Sunday in Chicago, thinking about the week ahead. This Wednesday November 16, I am hosting a personal branding workshop called SimplyBe Bright with my co-host and dear friend, Lisa Guillot. Ironically, Lisa and I had scheduled a meeting exactly one week before to prep for it. It was Wednesday November 9, and if I am going to be completely honest, we barely got any work done. All we could do that day was cry.

When I was finally able to wipe my tears and get back to business, something dawned on me. This kind of workshop on personal branding, at this precise juncture in time, is divine.

You see, a strong personal brand cannot and does not stand on social media alone. A strong personal brand isn’t found in a perfect headshot and sleek design assets. A strong personal doesn’t happen from positive press hits and a couple solid public appearances or performances.

A strong personal brand is an all encompassing, 360-degree, on-going expression of your value in relation to your audience. A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual; as a leader. It’s ensuring that “who you appear to be” and “who you really are” is fully integrated.

If I haven’t already ruffled your political feathers, allow me to graciously, unintentionally do it again. This is a personal opinion that pains me to even say out loud, but here goes: Hillary Clinton did not have a strong personal brand. As much I loved her, she didn’t come off authentic, vulnerable and transparent to people.  I have heard from people who worked inside her campaign who know her to be a funny, warm, approachable, deeply genuine woman. I wanted more of THAT Hillary. A fully integrated Hillary. I believe that Hillary would have won the election.  The candidate who had the stronger personal brand did instead.

It’s never been more relevant to build your personal brand in relation to your business or your career than it is right now. But I also believe there has never been a more necessary opportunity and responsibility for us to build our personal brands as Americans, and as women.

I hope you join Lisa and I for what we know will be an incredibly powerful, inspirational and important evening.

It would be my greatest honor to see you there. Get your tickets now.

With all my love and all my respect,

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