For Paris. And for you.

November 17, 2015

I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say what happened in Paris on November 13 shattered my heart and left me in a wake of fury.

For the last week, I’ve cried in devastation, lost sleep in fear and have been consumed with the media on the Paris attacks. I have thought endlessly about the 129 souls who lost their lives. Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Brothers. Fathers. Sons. Friends. Aunts. Uncles. Colleagues.


Humans who loved.

Humans who were loved.

I just teared up again thinking about them.

I am in no real place to write a political blog, nor do I want to write one. I will leave that up to the experts and pundits. But for today, I simply want to share a few practices that have helped me cope with the darkness these last few days. These are practices I call upon often when I’m faced with mass negativity beyond my control. I should also say that it doesn’t need to take a global tragedy to inspire some self-nourishment and outward kindness. We could all do a little better job (myself included) of instilling these principles more regularly. So with this blog, and what I’m about to share, I would like to commit to never losing sight of what this world truly forever needs: a bit of compassion, gratitude, peace and love. It’s simple enough, right?

Let’s begin.

Immerse yourself with feminine energy.

My husband happened to be out of town this past weekend and I was home by myself. Although I missed him during this time, it ended up being a tiny gift from the Universe. In just three short days, I cozied up with two of my girlfriends on the couch one night, went out to a delicious dinner with another friend the next night, Skyped with my best friend in New York City and spent five hours with my mom on Sunday. Oh, and I snuggled with my little dog Zooey all weekend. (Since I tell myself she’s human anyway, she counts too.) I believe in Divine Feminine energy, which is essentially the practice of leaning into our femininity, radical self-care and seeing the beauty in all things. The Divine Feminine is also known for protection and healing. There are many ways to invoke the Divine Feminine, such as tapping into the Lunar Cycle, crystal therapy, spending more time in nature, etc. For me, one of the most glorious and healing practices of them all is surrounding myself with the beautiful, graceful, strong, kind and loving women in my life. Take stock of the Divine Feminine in your life, and call upon them whenever you need a dose of healing. It works like a charm every time.

“Throw compliments like confetti.”

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte. I subscribe to her #TruthBomb newsletter, which are short quotes written in her own handwriting, delivered daily to your inbox. Sometimes I feel like she’s got a cosmic satellite orbiting over my life because the shit she’s preaching seems to align with exactly what I’m needing on that particular day. On Monday, I woke up to the above quote and decided I needed to unwrap my personal packets of confetti. (I like to think of mine as the glittery kind.) Why was this quote so pertinent on Monday? Because it feels SO DAMN GOOD to make some else feel even better, and we need to make each other feel better, especially now and always. I have always firmly believed that we need to compliment each other more in general. Lifting each other up isn’t only a nice thing to do, but it’s pretty much our moral responsibility. Yes, I am talking about being brave enough and bold enough and even slightly awkward in going out of your way to tell a random person (or someone you know dearly) that you think he/she’s beautiful, amazing, fabulous, inspiring, on fleek and/or downright awesome. The energy we give off turns into actual matter – you know that, right? In a time of such darkness and despair, we need each other to be the light. We need each other to SHINE light. Start now. There’s more than enough confetti for all of us.


Seriously. Fucking cry. None of this is okay.

I am trying to position myself as a spiritual leader as much as I am trying to position myself as a political writer. Ergo – I am not. You might be an Atheist and that’s totally cool. All I’m saying is that praying works for me. And I’m not talking about getting down on bended knee, per se. I pray walking to get coffee. I pray when I’m driving in my car. I pray with my best friends where we hold hands, talk about our dreams and giggle with hope. I pray with my mom over conversation as we watch CNN, cry and tell each other we love each other always. Prayer is positive intention spoken aloud. Innocent people are dying every day. The pain is so big it’s insurmountable for the human race to contain. No one is truly safe. I hate admitting that. The world needs our positive intentions spoken aloud. The world needs our prayers.

Forgive someone.

One of my favorite quotes goes something like this: “Resentment is a poison that only you drink.” It takes so much energy to be angry. If you say you want to “be the light” and “be love,” then fucking walk that walk and start by forgiving someone who’s hurt you. Forgiveness sets you free. It lets you go. It opens your heart again. It lets you reclaim your life. And as we all know too well, this life is short, this life is precious and this life is fleeting. Forgiveness is the superpower that helps you embrace it and to not take it for granted. And to that end, I’ll leave you another quote. (I’m a quote girl, if you haven’t noticed.) It’s one I saw posted on Facebook just a few days ago, and to be honest, I keep retelling it to myself in my heart. It’s really helped me to feel better about all of this. Feel free to do the same.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

With Peace,

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