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Girls Gone Real MINISODE. So, what is this SHOW?!

October 6, 2016

So what is “Girls Gone Real” REALLY all about? Is it just two 30-something-year-olds chatting about their quirks and blow dry obsessions? Well…sometimes. But in all seriousness, “Girls Gone Real” takes a super close look at the unique challenges (and amazing opportunities to grow from them) that life throws at you, from our perspective in our 30s.

In today’s episode, Jillian and I introduce the brand new format for the show, asking each other a series of questions that we’ll ask each of our forthcoming guests. You’ll learn what advice we would give our 20-something selves, who loved Barbies more as children, what Jillian and I were REALLY like in high school and which real life issues we feel women need to talk about more fearlessly.

Make sure you download our show on iTunes and welcome to our first MINISODE, AKA, episode 4.5.



Jessica xx


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