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Introducing the real Natalie MacNeil

October 24, 2016

I don’t know about you, but when I look back on what were some of the darkest, most challenging times of my life (i.e., a breakup of a five-year long term relationship, the ending of a seven-year business, the betrayal and loss of a best friend, etc, etc), I feel grateful.

Yep, I just said: I feel grateful.

We’ve all heard the cheesy lines, “Where there is darkness, there is light.” Or, “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Well, I believe in the cheese.

The dark, gross, difficult shit is where the magic in our life resides. Because it was during those times of deep pain that I experienced the deepest transformation. It was during those moments when I felt like shrinking into a tiny black ball that my biggest expansion occurred. It was those moments when I had zero fucking clue where to go and what to do that I ended up going the farthest and doing far more than I ever thought possible.

I have been often been told that I look like I have it all together. I am laughing as I type that sentence. That couldn’t be far from the truth. Most days, I feel like I know absolutely nothing. But I certainly can relate to what it feels like to see someone on social media, with their beautiful photos, elegant website, flawless videos and best selling books, and think to myself: “Damn, that girl has it all together.”

Which is why I loved our conversation with Natalie MacNeil, the founder of She Takes on the World, this week on ‘Girls Gone Real.’ I have been following her career for years and am in constant awe of her work. Everything about Natalie online is polished, poised, constantly innovating and consistently growing.

She’s won an Emmy, interviewed Arianna Huffington and was one of the elite few asked to join Richard Branson on his Necker Island this year for an intimate entrepreneurial summit.

I constantly look at her and think to myself: “That girl has it all together.”

When we reconnected about the interview, I couldn’t wait to hear about her year, which included launching two books and moving from Canada to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. What Jillian and I learned from Natalie – who was amazingly vulnerable – was just how brutally hard this year has been for her. We’re talking about homesickness, loneliness, heartbreak and isolation.

But don’t worry, there is SO much light in this episode from all the learnings Natalie has gained from such a transition. As a result of this time, Natalie MacNeil is on her A-Game. She’s about to launch her second book, Conquer Your Year and The Conquer Club Accelerator (more on that in a minute). Like I said, when you have become completely unraveled is when you have everything to gain.  We also lighten things up with a “Richard Branson Rapid Fire Question Game,” not to be missed.

This interview couldn’t come at a better time, as Natalie is about launch The Conquer Club Accelerator, a FREE two week high-value training chock full of video trainings, worksheets, meditations, coaching, and all the resources you need to have your most productive two weeks of the year.

In the Conquer Club Business Accelerator, you’ll focus on ONE big-picture goal for a short period time, with a plan laid out for how to achieve that goal and mentors to help you get there. And if you sign-up today, you’ll receive one live coaching session with my absolutely free.


Did I mention it starts TODAY?

Sign-up for free and then check out our incredible episode with Natalie MacNeil on Girls Gone Real.

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