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The Power of Community, Spotted at Chi50

June 8, 2017

What would you say is the most intimidating part of trying out a new workout? Not knowing the movements perhaps? Not knowing the people who attend classes there maybe? Feeling like a bit of an outsider in general?

For me, it’s all of those things. As a woman, trying out a new fitness studio, especially in Chicago, a city where fitness is a top tier commodity, is pretty intimidating. Jumping into a place where everyone goes to improve their bodies, knows each other, and knows the technique can be a very vulnerable experience.

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon a place where none of those things apply and I still break a sweat and get a fantastic workout.

As you know, I take class weekly at Chi50, a Megaformer pilates studio in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. I get a killer workout every time, but more than that, the community there is uncomparable.

If you’ve never taken a class before, your instructor will take you through the different steps of class as well as the different parts of the Megaformer. The other individuals taking class are friendly and welcoming, and any staff there will make sure you’re having a top notch experience.

As an active group fitness goer, I have seen my fair share of studios, and as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen my fair share of businesses. Community is something that is absolutely key in setting yourself apart,, but it is also something that you can’t force, and you have to strive to achieve. It’s something I have watched Chi50 do seamlessly.

Here are my top five ways to instill community within your business, taken from the pages of Chi50:

  1. Get out there. Get out into the world and immerse yourself into the happenings where your target customers are. Communities exist outside your business, so take notes! You have to go join their party before they will join yours, so get involved.

  2. Throw parties! Host exclusive member/VIP events in your space. Celebrate the people who spend time and money on you and show them that you appreciate them. This is also an opportunity for your dedicated clients to bring new friends into your business and show them all you do. The more the merrier!

  3. Have you met Sally? Introduce members of your community to one another. Foster relationships and help people build their networks. They will always appreciate you taking the time to connect them with someone valuable.

  4. Represent. Honor your highest paying clients or your most dedicated members with ambassadorial roles. As ambassadors for your business or brand, you’re empowering them to sing your praises. As they clearly believe in your product, they will help facilitate the most effective type of marketing- word of mouth.

  5. Have fun! If you’re having fun, your people will have fun. Make your business a fun place to be and they will come in droves!

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