Tara Stiles, on how to stop dieting

May 5, 2015

What if there was a “diet” out there that encouraged you to celebrate, listen to and honor your body before counting one single calorie?

What is this “diet” inspired you to simply be instead of berating your body, or what you ate the night before?

What if the rules of that “diet” were dictated purely based on you feeling how you want to feel?

Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga and one of our favorite Entrepreneurial Babes in the world, has written such a book.  “Make Your Own Rules Diet” is Tara’s latest work and in it, she guides you toward debunking the cruel, restrictive and self-sabotaging approach to the concept of “diet.”  In her laid-back, positive approach, she encourages readers to tap into themselves from deep within by way of meditation and movement. It is only from this place of peacefulness and inner-knowing can we curb our cravings, make better choices, lose weight, increase our energy and ultimately “diet” based off our own rules.

In today’s SimplyBe TV interview, we welcome back Tara (holler!), and she and I chat about her inspiration for the book, her favorite recipe and how she finds the ultimate “seal of approval” on everything she personally cooks. (It’s not what you think.)

If you have yet to pick up “Make Your Own Rules Diet,” you can find it here. The book includes 50 delicious, easy to make, plant based recipes, a 7-day kick start program, plus a 30-day transformation plan, plus so much more.

Lastly, I wanted to share a recent Instagram post Tara shared three days ago. I was so personally moved by this and I believe this message is the essence of Tara.  Sure, she’s a thin, beautiful, high-profile yoga teacher who writes books on how to love your body and stay in shape. It’s easy to sit on the other side of our computers, our Smartphones or even cookbooks and judge. (Even worse, is how brutally we judge ourselves.) To be honest, before I met Tara, I only knew her through her magazine covers, YouTube channel and books, and found her seeming perfections somewhat intimidating. I had a major girl crush – and still do. But this post exemplifies what I love most about Tara Stiles – she’s so freaking REAL. She’s also a light worker and is here to positively impact and change the world. It’s an honor to call her a friend.

Tara Stiles Instagram
“The internet is filled with body shaming, body praising, hating the haters, forgiving the haters, obsessing or not obsessing over the physical and a quest to ignore and possibly to move beyond. A suggestion for those who find themselves victimized by haters, body shammers & lifted up by supporters and body praisers.
Shift your attention away from turning the spotlight on your physical self, and focus on sharing what means something real to you. Respect your body by feeding it well and let go of false pride of how you want the world to see your body. It’s not working and it’s radiating frustration. Your body radiates amazing energy when you include your whole self, and realize your body’s place in your life.
When you stop obsessing about how you look and dissolve the need to receive instant feedback to feed a chemical addiction of validation, the comments in all direction for physical validation and shaming will dissolve. If a few remain, you will not give them importance since you will be in a content place reveling in your radiance. Stress levels & cries for support will become irrelevant. Space will open for you to do something much more fun and freeing.
Haters, shamers, and those who smash haters to stick up for whatever, have nothing to stand on when content posted shifts into lovely, magical moments and inspirational messages focused on who we actually are.
I challenge the yoga posers, fitness trainers, young girls, and growing men of the world to give the self obsessed pics a break, consider your intentions, and enjoy sharing what truly inspires you.
Transcend this trend people. It’s time.
Magic is more interesting than any size.


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  • Hadley Gustin

    Love the video, Jessica! I am huge Tara Stiles/Strala Yoga fan. I used to practice at her studio and take her classes when I lived in NYC, and now, I’m doing Strala’s virtual teacher training program – the greatest. Tara is one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, speak to and be around. I’m sure you felt the same. 🙂 Looking forward to more content from you shortly.