Tara Stiles, on Staying True to Yourself

February 11, 2015

Once in a great while, you get the opportunity of a lifetime.

For me, that opportunity was getting to spend the day with the ineffably inspiring and downright cool-as-hell Tara Stiles.

On the outside, Tara is a globally recognized yoga teacher. With her best selling books, international brand ambassadorships and magazine covers, it’s safe to call her a celebrity. But on the inside, she’s a humble but tenacious businesswoman, an open-hearted and down-to-earth midwestern gal with an infectious giggle who boasts zero ego, only positive vibes. And, for anyone who has taken her class, you know she’s one insanely kick-ass yoga teacher, too.

She also happens to be one heck of an Entrepreneurial Babe. Her studio in NYC, Strala Yoga, has become a movement. A culture. An enterprise. Even an official style of yoga, up there with Bikram, Iyengar and Forrest. (No joke, right?) All of this came to be purely on the merits of Tara’s very own hustle, crystal clear vision and smart business decisions.

But over these last few years since Strala’s ascension into astronomical success, somewhere along the way, Tara herself became a brand.  In today’s SimplyBe TV interview (this is one of four videos with Tara), we chat about what that experience has been like for her, and how she has stayed true to herself, her brand and her mission despite the shiny, sparkly things that come along with this level of success.

Every woman is a brand, after all, and that journey is ripe with challenge and reward for all of us.

If you like this video, and dig what Tara has to say, leave a comment below to join the conversation. I would love to hear how YOU stay to true to yourself.

PS- I definitely had a dose of star-struck nerves going on in this video, so forgive my “ums” and “likes.” This interview was a total dream come true and I’m proud to admit…I’m human.




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  • Everything Erica

    Love this show! Great first episode. You are living your dream and I am so happy to watch it unfold. Crazy bananas babe.

  • andreabenz

    Love the authenticity of the conversation here! Great work babe! Can’t wait for the next episode!


    love it

  • virgoyoga

    Congrats on landing your #1 interview! I’m a yoga teacher here in Chicago and find Tara very inspiring! I’m also an interior designer and have worked hard to craft my brand, you’ve inspired me to make a list of my top goals and dream clients. I’ll stay tuned for more interviews!