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Girls Gone Real: Episode #2

September 22, 2016

For most, getting “real” about our health takes a little bit more effort than drinking green juice and popping the occasional multi-vitamin.

As we get a little (ahem!) older, our bodies start to change and we realize we are not as resilient as we used to be.  In today’s episode of Girls Gone Real, Jillian and I get super candid about health issues we have personally faced, as well as the issues of other women we know and admire.  We chat not just about our own bodies and the crazy things that started happening to them once we hit the age of 30, but why Angelina Jolie and Mylie Cyrus are among some of our biggest inspirations when it comes to looking our ailments in the eye.

From STDs, to colonoscopies, to depression, to chronic ailments, to hypochondriac tendencies, to our vag’s (yes, I just said vag), we explore how simply talking about our health issues openly with other women is quite possibly the healthiest thing you can do for yourself.

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To your health,

Jessica xx



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